Crestline Investments, LLC is involved in the development and preservation of medium and high density housing in the Midwest and Southeast.  From concept to completion, Crestline Investments, LLC serves as consultant, partner, or manager in all types of residential properties.  We coordinate site location, market selection and analysis, project conception and design, financing, construction, management and marketing.

Building on more than 25 years of real estate and finance experience, Crestline Investments is building a portfolio of well positioned properties offering significant returns to owners and investors.

If you believe, you have a property that meets our acquisition model, or if you are looking for a partner to bring multifamily expertise to a project, please contact a company representative.


Affordable Multifamily Apartment Communities:

  •         LIHTC (Tax Credit) Properties
  •         HUD Communities
  •         Acquisition/Rehab of Rural Development  Properties
  •         Preservation/Recapitalization of  202 Properties
  •         Historic Credits, NSP, and a wide variety of Properties


Market Rate Apartment Communities:

  •         HUD financed Apartment Communities
  •         Commercially Financed Apartment Communities
  •         Acquisition/Rehab/Repositioning of Older Communities
  •         Historic Preservation, Reposition and Conversions